As the leading expert on marketing to women, the team at WomenCertified will help identify the elements that influence her purchasing decisions for your product. We can help you find your differentiators and competitive advantages with women and arm your team with the language and marketing communication tools to capture her attention in today’s new norm.

We have 3 research programs to fit your needs (and budget!):

1. M.O.M. (Meeting Online Moms) Virtual Panels

Our M.O.M. (Meeting Online Moms) virtual panels address your needs through virtual focus groups and one-on-one interviews, allowing you to gather insights from an objective audience of women and moms across America.

2. SHE Surveys (Studying Her Experience)

If you’re looking to gather insights from a larger audience of women, we conduct SHE Surveys (Studying Her Experience) which allow you to gather insights from an objective audience of female consumers across America providing you with a guaranteed minimum 300 online survey responses.

3. Female Consumer Preference & Usability Study

Want the most comprehensive research package to take your marketing to the next level?  With the Female Consumer Preference & Usability Study: our research team will assess your needs to create a custom research study to garner valuable insight for your brand/campaign. Brands then use insights toward marketing initiatives, consumer messaging, and go-to-market strategies.

All of these research offerings are extremely useful for gathering strong directional data to support your marketing and sales growth strategy. As experts in sales and marketing, we then amplify your data through our female-consumer and retail lens, providing tailored insights and recommendations delivered through a detailed report and video presentation. These insights can then be used towards marketing, consumer messaging, online and in-store experiences, and all your go-to-market strategies.

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“We were so impressed with the results. The study conducted by the WomenCertified Inc. team has lots of useful insights to drive thoughtful homeowner facing creative opportunities!”

Lauren D., Brand & Advertising Manager, GAF

“The WomenCertified team provided timely research insights that were tailored to our target audience and marketing objectives. The presentation was well organized and delivered, and the data and recommendations will contribute to the success of our marketing strategy.”

Christian M., Brand Manager, Overhead Door

“The team at WomenCertified transformed our research objectives into actionable data points for our target consumers. Their presentation to our marketing team was very insightful and provided expert recommendations and considerations for our future marketing strategy.”

Ashley G, Manager PR & Influencer Marketing, Brother International Corporation

“The WomenCertified team conducted an extensive consumer research survey for PureCare at a time of critical e-commerce growth. The insights we discovered from their study helped us pinpoint key strengths and weaknesses in our brand message, and continue to strengthen our understanding of our customer’s needs, behaviors, expectations. Getting to know our consumer base has provided a clearer, more united path forward for our brand.”

Sarah B., Vice President of Marketing & Creative, PureCare

“The team at WomenCertified has conducted in-depth research on matters critical to our company’s growth and direction. They have provided consulting advice to translate the results into valuable market segmentations and strategies. The team is highly professional and organized at every step of the project process…from initial discussions and methodology to project updates, data analysis and presentation findings. We are eager to continue working with WomenCertified and tap into their vast offerings to support our goals for consumer engagement and sales growth initiatives.”

Bob B, Director of Brand Management, Kenmore

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