Revolutionizing healthcare for women

OKVERA’s mission is to simply her life by helping her find the best doctors, healthcare series and products. Our motto is to empower the female patient which guides our customer experience, search strategy and business structure.

OKVERA is the only find-a-doctor site for women and her families. Created by women for women, OKVERA will rank doctors and wellness products based on a proprietary rating system designed to meet the needs and preferences of women, who is the Chief Healthcare Officer of the family. The rating system is powered by the Women’s Choice Award, the trusted rating system for women.

WomenCertified, Inc is the leader in marketing to women, supporting the success of hundreds of brands with women. Our market insights and best practices allow us to better position the site and offerings for maximum engagement and conversion among women. Women have a different hierarchy of needs when choosing a doctor and products, and OKVERA was created to address what matters most to her when choosing a doctor, a healthcare providers or wellness products.

OKVERA was created by Delia Passi, the founder of WomenCertified and Women’s Choice Award, following a horrific healthcare experience. She left her career as the Group Publisher of Working Woman and Working Mother magazine to start up an organization dedicated to empower women to make smart healthcare choices. Catapulting off the success of the Women’s Choice Award, OKVERA will leverage the strength of the Women’s Choice Award to provide women a trusted rating system when choosing a doctor and wellness products.

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